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John Wick: A Nerdgasm All-Star Extravaganza! Featuring actors from Game of Thrones, Fringe, Deadwood, and Friday Night Lights

"I would like to discuss your review of my last film..."



Let me start by saying I love the bejesus out of Keanu Reeves.  He cops alot of crap for being two dimensional, but as far as I am concerned the man is the acting equivalent of a hammer.  You don't reach for a hammer when you want to put in a screw, but if you want to work with nails, nothing else is as good at the job as a hammer.

Keanu is an action star, and in this genre - he fucking shines.

Point Break is one of my all time top ten movies that I have seen more times than I can count; and the Matrix Trilogy... Every year I make a wish-list of things that I pray I will be able to do before I die, see all the Matrix movies was top of the list the year The Matrix came out.

Keanu is back and is doing what he does best - kicking ass and taking names, and he's all out of pencils and paper.  Check out the trailer below, and if it's not enough to convince you to watch the movie, check out the supporting cast that comes with him.

From a Nergasms perspective Keanu is joined by some of the most happily followed cult TV-series actors and actresses (list below).  I  personally can't wait for this movie :D

Lance Reddick has appeared on tonnes of cult tv series like American Horror Story, The Blacklist, Intelligence - but most notably as the character Phillip Broyles on the SCI-FI hit: Fringe.

Adrianne Palicki is best known for her role as the character Tyra Collette on the sports drama Friday Night Lights.

Ian McShane is best known as the ruthless bar owner Al Swearengen on the tv series Deadwood, a character equal parts hero and villian that you love to hate and hate to love (and I love him!).

Alfie Allen is best known for the role of Allen Greyjoy in the worldwide smash, Game of Thrones.

  • Fringe was the 'noughties' version of the X-files and I loved it to do death.
  • Friday Night Lights made me howl in anger when it was cancelled, it was one of the few sports drama's that could really pull at your heart strings.
  • Deadwood was TV perfection for me, my dad raised me on a staple of John Wayne and Clint Eastwood cowboy movies. I personally am a fan of Shakespeare but also of swearing like a sailor - Deadwood used period specific language, in the greatest and grittiest cowboy TV series that had my other half and I screaming 'cocksucker' randomly whenever anything went wrong.
  • Game of Thrones, if you don't know why this show is awesome feel free to just throw your TV out a window now.

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