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J-Law: Pimping Hunger Games, oh and the new trailer



So, as expected, no one's really heard shit from Jennifer Lawrence lately. I imagine that after a tonne of pics of you in the nude, you being covered in splooge, and you dancing with your boobs out, is released... well let's just say that I'd duck and cover too-

Till the end of time.

But J-Law's people aren't in that same wheelhouse and they have a movie to flog, namely the release of the latest Hunger Games movie 'The Mockingjay'.

I have to confess, I've seen zero Hunger Games movies and read none of the books.  People say good things about it so they are on my list of things to care about eventually... one day.  In fact... I don't think I've seen anything at all with Jennifer in it.  I'm a TV series whore and movies feel like this massive time commitment...

I'm going to go a step further and anger the internet gods... I don't think she's sexy at all.

Don't get me wrong, she's beautiful, but that's not what I find sexy about a woman - that's just a nice value-add sometimes (I know, I know... says the guy pimping hot celebrity bodies - I'm a conundrum). But she seems totally cool in interviews, like she's really down-to-earth, which is why I actually folllow her. She's the kind of girl I would hang out with, shoot some pool, have a beer.  I would totally be mates with J-Law and feel comfortable in that realm where I could know that my penis wasn't going to mess everything up by getting fresh ideas.

Anyway, people like the movies, so here's the trailer for all those hungry for more Hunger Games.

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