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Is a 'Blade' prequel trilogy on its way?


Remember when vampires weren't sparkley?
Blade fanboys/girls unite!

Blade may be the greatest vampire movie series to have ever been made in my opinion.  As a mad fan of the Vampire the Masquerade table top and PC RPGs, Blade was like a wet dream for my vampire addiction (not the sparkly kind, the kind that rip off faces). Wesley Snipes as a badass Dhampir filled me with blood-red-ruby-rainbows of joy.

The sad part of this series is we never ever got a bad guy as cool as Deakon Frost.  Frost, was that rare form of asshole that you couldn't help but love despite the fact that he's a villain...

Well lo and behold!  Apparently the writers agree because the rumour mill is churning out word that Wesley Snipes will be back to face Frost in a prequel trilogy set around the two.

If it's true, I'll be the first guy in line at the cinemas.

Rumor-ish type articles on Blade's return:!bPsgse

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