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Hannibal - Seasons 3 interview with series writer Bryan Fuller



Hannibal is one of the few shows that I religiously watch, like an episode comes out and I'm immediately dry humping my TV in anticipation of what utter mind-fuck will happen next.  The acting, the writing, direction and cinematography in this is so crisp, so clean - every episode is a work of art.

... and the feeling you get anytime anyone eats a damn thing at Hannibal's house. *Shudder*

Anyway the good people over at IGN interviewed Bryan Fuller on the show and what we can expect in Season 3, so if you want to know more about show, head on over.

Alternatively if you are after pics of the shows lead Hugh Dancy, head over to our CELEB-bait Boys section, or for the shows ever popular Caroline Dhavernas, head over to our CELEB-bait Girls section.

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