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Gooooooooooaaaal! Fifa 2015



I'm not much of a console gamer with one significant exception.  Soccer.

I am an absolute mad football (round ball peoples) nut, and by association EA FIFA football fan.  I've been playing EA sports games since the Sega Mega Drive and loved it.  FIFA got religiously played at my old house, with lads sometimes sleeping over for a week for dusk-til-dawn 4 player tournaments of FIFA on Xbox (supported by copious amounts of bourbon and pizza).

But I don't buy the EA FIFA releases every year.  I tend to hang on to one for a couple years and then see if anything significant happens or if the players have changed enough that I want to take a dig at the game.

Well this year I'm buying FIFA again - check it out:

Like all the FIFA games it features the biggest names, in the biggest game.  The graphics are crisper and cleaner than they've ever been and all the reviews I've read on this say that the controls are smooth and utterly playable.  If you want to know more about the game particulars go here.

From what I've seen so far it looks delicious, for god's sake, even the trailer gives me goose bumps and apparently it was released a few days ago-

Wait. What? It's out?  Excuse me, I have a game to go and buy.

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