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Faith No More - new album after 18 years: MotherF***er


So after days of churning out articles on The Fappening/Celebgate I just went '-stop typing, go outside bro...' which is why you didn't hear about this yesterday.

Faith No More - who I desperately love, with Angel Dust and King for a Day... Fool for a Lifetime being two of my most re-listened to albums ever, announced they will be releasing a new album - MotherFucker.  No, I'm not calling you one, that's the name of the album: MotherFucker.  Has a certain poetry to it right?

*child unwraps presents from under the Christmas tree, looks in surprise at CD gift*
'Daddy... what's a mother fucker?'
'How you got here son, how you got here...'

Anyway if you want to read some more about what they are up to with the new album, check out this article over at The Guardian...

Faith No More - one of my rock tune staples - are back!

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