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Gaming Glee! The Walking, Talking - point and click interacting - Dead...


If you don't watch, play or at the very least read The Walking Dead - feel free to just end it all now because your life probably isn't worth living.

*cough* Suicide is a real and often unvoiced issue, please please do not actually kill yourself m'kaaaay?
Telltale games is at the final episode of season two of the point and click adventure series based on The Walking Dead universe, all the TWD games in this series have recieved orgasmic-level reviews and are stupid-levels-of-fun to play.

If you like zombie games, if you like adventure games, if you like The Walking Dead, if you like engaging story, if you like believable characters, if you like unexpected plot twists, if you like emotive story devices -

FUCK IT, If you like LIKING things - play this game!

Clack har to see gameplay video

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