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Dead Rising 3: Zombie Apocalypse Evolved


Banana Hammocks are just one of the many interesting costumes in DR3

The Dead Rising series may be one of the most re-donk-u-lous zombie games ever invented.  The capacity to combine items into new and improved instruments of slaughter is insane.

The Steam PC version of DR2 was buggy as fucccccck and I spent a great deal of time smashing my face repeatedly into the keyboard, swearing that I would never return... only to come back and try again.  I have zero patience for buggy games so my continual return to this particular gem should tell you a little bit about just how good it is.

If you're a console gamer then DR3 has probably been in your list for ages - see trailer here:

However if you're a Steam PC guy (like mwah) then prepare for a new raging gamer boner for the September release of DR3 - Zombie Apocolypse Evolved.

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