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Aaron Paul: The man, the legend... the scavenger hunt?



Breaking Bad the TV series was a phenomenon.  If you go up to the average white person (see: 'Crak-ahh') there is a better than average chance the person was religiously involved with the show, knew all the lines, and would wordlessly burst into a metaphysical multi-coloured rainbow of joy at the mere utterance of the word: 'Bitch'.

In my tiny circle of friends, errrrrrry-wun wanted to be Jesse (except me: Heisenberg, bitches!).

Aaron Paul's role of Jesse may have since gone to dust, but it hasn't appeared to have eroded his popularity as can be seen here in this interview with Jimmy Kimmel:

Dead Rising 3: Zombie Apocalypse Evolved


Banana Hammocks are just one of the many interesting costumes in DR3

The Dead Rising series may be one of the most re-donk-u-lous zombie games ever invented.  The capacity to combine items into new and improved instruments of slaughter is insane.

The Steam PC version of DR2 was buggy as fucccccck and I spent a great deal of time smashing my face repeatedly into the keyboard, swearing that I would never return... only to come back and try again.  I have zero patience for buggy games so my continual return to this particular gem should tell you a little bit about just how good it is.

If you're a console gamer then DR3 has probably been in your list for ages - see trailer here:

However if you're a Steam PC guy (like mwah) then prepare for a new raging gamer boner for the September release of DR3 - Zombie Apocolypse Evolved.

Gaming Glee! The Walking, Talking - point and click interacting - Dead...


If you don't watch, play or at the very least read The Walking Dead - feel free to just end it all now because your life probably isn't worth living.

*cough* Suicide is a real and often unvoiced issue, please please do not actually kill yourself m'kaaaay?
Telltale games is at the final episode of season two of the point and click adventure series based on The Walking Dead universe, all the TWD games in this series have recieved orgasmic-level reviews and are stupid-levels-of-fun to play.

If you like zombie games, if you like adventure games, if you like The Walking Dead, if you like engaging story, if you like believable characters, if you like unexpected plot twists, if you like emotive story devices -

FUCK IT, If you like LIKING things - play this game!

Clack har to see gameplay video

HORROR GAMES: Go investigate that creepy noise? No, I'm good thanks.


Are you a fan of horror and or survival games? Think you've played the best of best? Then take a look at IGN's countdown of The Top 10 Survival Horror Games...

Borderlands The Pre-Sequel! Rejoice for dance kittens and face lasers!


*Please insert 'minor sexual objectification of an animated character' here... for cheap additional clicks*

Erma-gawd!  Borderlands made me so happy in the pants from a gaming perspective that I have no words for it.  True, *cough spoiler* the end of part 1 sucked fat hairys, but I think Borderlands 2 made up for that.

Imagine my orgasmic squuuuuueeeels of delight to learn that a presequel is on the way!

Watch the trailers below and feel free to krump naked in your office to the 'Moon Dance' Trailer - I know I did!

Official trailer

Moon dance trailer